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You get lost in a daydream about how neat it would be to travel back in time like the T-800. Curious about what is taking you so long to pluck a few leaves, the rolling head rolls over and sees you holding the doll. His jaw drops and flaps in delight "Hey, my dad has that very same Arnold Schwarzenegger 'action figure'." Uh-oh, you think, and change the subject "So that was a wild storm that swept us out here, huh?" The rolling head cocks himself and says "What storm? I've been here for weeks. And what do you mean by 'us'? We only met but just a moment ago when I asked you to help me get my body." You look back over the scene, seeing things in a new light.
  1. "What the what?"
  2. Ask the smoke demon for her take on recent events.
  3. Give the rolling head another black eye for pulling your leg.