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"Yeah man, bein' an electrician isn't all easy, ah . . . wires . . . wire strippers . . . pliers . . . AC/DC, whew, ya know what I mean? I'm so busy doin' electricity these days that I just feel like I'm livin' for the weekend, I tell ya what." The wizards are eating out of the palms of your hands. "Right, what I do with wires is an art. Some electricians they just use one or two wires . . . me, I grab a whole handful, all kinds of colors, and hook 'em up all fancy. See, ya don't just wanna have one light switch, ya need a whole bunch, that way you can get the right mood, ya know?" You pause for a few moments, casually making a clicking noise with your tongue. "Well then, I'll get this little guy back as soon as possible, alright?" The wizards give you an agreeable nod and the rolling head follows you out into the hallway.
  1. Relief.
  2. Arrogance.
  3. Mirth.