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So as to remain undetected by whatever is the source of the freaky noises coming from behind, you freeze where you are, crouched naked and pensive over an unfinished drawing, pretending to be a part of the still life. Hey, it worked for Scooby Doo, right? Hopefully, you reason, whatever’s making those freaky noises (whoa, getting closer) will be all like, “Oh, it’s just a still life of someone drawing a still life, pssh, seen it,” and go on & make freaky noises in some other corner of the Isle of Wizard Injustice. Considering this desirable outcome, it occurs to you “Whoa, how meta is this?”

Then, as if responding to your thoughts, the freaky noise (which is way close now) begins to shift and coalesce into resonant tones that oddly seem to mirror your thoughts. As you marvel at the interestingness of this development, the tones shift again...in perfect sync with your thoughts.

Overwhelmed with curiosity, you unfreeze & turn around to see your Inner Demon is the source of the tones (like, OMG!). Not only is it responding via audible vibrations, it’s doing some freaky shape shifting to go along with it. Also, there’s a picture on the wall that gives you deja vu.

Still trying to figure out whether or not that picture is technically from the future, out of the blue you can’t help but think the words “external synesthesia.” Whoa, that was weird, like my thoughts came from...EXTERNALIZED SYNESTHESIA!!! & it dawns on you that you’re involuntarily responding to your inner demon in exactly the same way your inner demon is responding to you. HOLY GUACAMOLE, THIS IS AN INFINITE/RECURSIVE LOOP!!! With your last bit of free will, you manage to think about...
  1. Michael McDonald
  2. Consciousness
  3. X-ray gunk
by Steve Kemple