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After a fair amount of inner conflict, you “like” the third comment: “n s Win Wizard’sle bed’slep Jefff Je Jep s thep izard’s bep thed’s theff Jeeed’s in Wizard’slee Je Win sled’slefffff s Wizard.” Sitting in front of Jeff the Wizard’s computer watching for other “likes,” you permit your gaze to drift downward through the endless tunnel of images. Several minutes pass. You idly reach for Jeff the Wizard’s sitar & begin tentatively picking at the strings. More time passes. Your eyes are getting heavy now; you are feeling drowsy; you are feeling that it would be an effort to move; you are not disturbed by any noise without, the blood is receding from the extremities, your hands & feet and head are becoming cooler, the heart’s action is diminished, the pulse is slower, the breath is easier, quieter, deeper & you are going gradually... You close your eyes. There is itching from the strings. More not disturbed by any noise you are getting heart sleep Jefffffff the Wizard’s the “like” the extremities, you are going from the strings. More time pulse is sitar & begin tentatively picking head asleep. Your hands & feet and head are feeling at the Wizard. You are going in tentatively sound asleep. You close efff sou it ding con imagetting ing grad an is diminutes, you are he tendles any not deed’s turbed bep Jeff s ing at izard’slee goin Wizard’s easier, th it of is Win efffff slood is & you per a fair act, the getting for eyes. Seve; you per & you ard’s in fore he head theff Je Jep Jeff theffor hand areminutentath is effffff Jeff iminutes. Rd cod’s theffffff is indle; heacod Jes it ye p is. Wit ct inu es. Wiraractes evefff ff y tu t ing s g ny y Jey inoutherdinuteefffffangr d’s, heangrd’s yor, ad emin ing ies ied is dlor en ainyod’s actuth eff adin s, Jever Wisloffouta t, indlerbesle e Jep yoore ffff att ye & efar ind’s, inu Jedradleverdles. Inoffff ind erer tutacoorbe ffffffangr ye y inyeminut e he f it e cor in in he ingres.

You are in a room. You feel a deep cold darkness.
  1. Check out that lumpy stuff on the floor.
  2. Examine the symbol above the doorway.
  3. Walk through the doorway.
by Steve Kemple