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As best you can figure, Jeff must've seen Gar-Gar Non's deleted threat and moved the incriminating evidence. Still, ever the fan of office supplies, you pick up the paperclip to fidget with. You mindlessly turn it between your fingers, trace its outline with your thumb, and then hook your thumbnail over the inside curve of metal while pressing the opposite end into your index finger, creating a sort of simple spring. Pausing at this moment of potential energy, you look down to notice dried blood on the paperclip, just before it launches out of your hand, bounces on the dresser-top, and tumbles into the trash crack behind.
  1. Enough of this, abandon this room like the paperclip abandoned your fingers.
  2. Get serious, pull the dresser out to poke around in the trash crack.
  3. Play it cautious, dig any dried blood out from underneath your fingernail.