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You grab the Arnie doll and whisper into its plastic ear, "Come to life, my friend, save the Rolling Head." Then you hurl Arnie into the trash crack. You hear him pachinko down through the trash and then...nothing. Frantic, you peer down into the crack. You can see the Rolling Head, looking stunned and motionless. Equally motionless, is the Arnie doll. From deeper in the crack, the squeaky voice says, "Down, down, down...down to us--forever!" The trash begins to shuffle and move, down, like a garbage disposal had been activated. The Rolling Head's eyes flip open, terrified. You desperately scan the other objects, hoping the Head may be able to use them to save himself. Suddenly, you have a flash of inspiration.

You call out...
  1. "Head! Touch the paper clip to the pentagram! It's your only chance!"
  2. "Head! Pull the pin on the hand grenade! It's your only chance!"
  3. "Head! Pull off your bandages, throw the end up to me! It's your only chance!"

by Christian Schmit