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"Head! Pull off your bandages, throw the end up to me! It's your only chance!" The Rolling Head springs into action. Skillfully, he hooks his bandage on the closest "hook-y" object, the grenade handle. The bandage unravels as he spins and slowly descends into the darkness. He grabs one end of the bandage with his mouth, and with a snap of his head, whips the other end up to you. You catch it, stunned that any of this is working. What happens next makes your mouth drop. In what seems like an eternal instant, 6 things happen:

-A great sucking woosh, separate from the sucking woosh of the trash pile, pulls past your face as you peer into the crack. You can see that, the bandage removed, it is revealed that the Rolling Head has a black hole imbedded in its forehead. Things are being sucked into that hole.

-The bloody paper clip collides with the pentagram. The pentagram begins to glow red and smoke as it is pulled into the black hole.

-The fish, spooked by the chaos, flicks its tail through the hand grenade, pulling the pin. The fish and the grenade disappear into the hole

-You swear, though it may be a reflection from the pentagram, that Arnie's eyes begin to glow. He too is sucked into the hole

-The horse head thing bites the krystal skull thing. No idea why. They both disappear into the hole.

-The Rolling Head and whatever trash is left disappear into darkness. All goes quiet.

Do you...
  1. ...stand there, stunned, wait to see if all heck breaks loose.
  2. ...waaaait--you hear a noise from the other room--go see what it is. (Wasn't Lost a great tv show?)
  3. ...waaaait--it's a black hole! You're getting pulled in, whether you want to or not!
by Christian Schmit