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You peer into the trash crack, waiting for an explosion, a scream, a something... suddenly the dresser begins to rumble and shudder and be sucked into the crack! You stand motionless and staring and then you feel it--YOU are being sucked into the crack! Your body is bent backwards, you hear and feel something break. You scream as your body is pulled like taffy into the crack. Then you are falling...
You wake up and look around. You are lying in a large dark chamber with 15 (?) or so dark doorways cut into the walls. The Rolling Head is lying next to you, and next to him is your disguise nose. "I think I tried to block the black hole with the nose," you try to explain to yourself. You can hear the Head groaning. You reach out, to see if he's ok, and pull your hand back as a small whiff of smoke poofs out of the hole. Then you hear 3 voices. The first comes from the hole: "Is everybody ok out there?" The second comes from one of the doorways: "We are coming, Son of Gar-Gar...there is no escape!" The third, from above: "Hey, what happened to my room?"

Do you...
  1. ...respond to the first voice.
  2. ...respond to the second voice.
  3. ...respond to the third voice.
by Christian Schmit