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You look up to the crack opening and see a small head silhouetted against the light of the room above. "Hey! I saw the whole thing on my webcam! What gives?" "Jeff?" You can just make out the edge of a Wizard's hat--this must be the Wizard Jeff. just then you hear a groan from the Rolling Head's hole. A tiny, gun-grasping hand emerges from the hole. Then your head snaps up as you see something emerge from one of the chamber doors. "To usssss....to usssss...."

"One minute I'm fake-delivering a baby, the next I see a bunch of shenanigans in my bedroom. If you broke my sitar I'm gonna--" Then there is a tiny blast. You see the Arnie doll standing on the head, the shotgun gripped in one tiny hand, smoke curling off the barrel. His eyes are glowing red as his head turns slowly towards you. In the doorway beyond is a crumpled mass. "That's it! I'm going back to work!"

Do you...
  1. ...explore the crumpled mass in the doorway.
  2. ...try to talk to the Arnie doll.
  3. ...call out to Jeff for help.
by Christian Schmit