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While thunder crashes outside, you lay out the hard truth of Mar-Mar Non, "I'm sorry man, but your mom was killed by Jeff, Pearl, and your dad, Gar-Gar Non. The gold is currently in a safe at the Center for Amateur Talent Services" The Rolling Head feels a whole range emotions, Arnie feels the cruise ship pass through a cavern-storm-induced time portal that takes you back to the present day, and you feel someone watching you. Before you can turn around to see his face, he says "If you boys are wantin' to take a look-see, it just so happens that . . ."
  1. ". . . I know where ol' Mar-Mar Non is buried."
  2. ". . . the Center For Amateur Talent Services is located right here on this boat."
  3. ". . . I have a scrapbook of all the articles about Mar-Mar Non's murder."