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As you follow this guy down the hallway you ask what else he likes to dub stuff, he jumps right in: "For starters, I call myself Spruceteen, and you can call me that as well. Secret passages I call sub-ubways, subways are ubways, diamonds are glass almonds, almonds I call Desmonds, my wife is Lady Tendersocks, magic is magick, sexual harrassment is shmexushmal shmasmashment, and cowboy boots are machine guns." You notice that he is wearing a pair of fine leather boots with detailed pictures of trumpet players, then he looks straight at the Rolling Head and says, "Half-breed rolling heads I call whore eggs . . . hehehe, I'm just shittin' in your pants . . . and that means I'm kiddin' ya." With an uncomfortable mood now in the air, you, the Rolling Head, Arnie, and Spruceteen finally reach the end of the hallway. There is a door with a "Sorry, we're closed" sign and a doormat bearing the C.A.T.S. logo.
  1. Check under the doormat for a key.
  2. Ask Spruceteen if you can borrow one of his boots to kick the door in.
  3. Use the pair of scissors from your inventory to pick the lock.