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Pulling off one of his boots, Spruceteen says, "Here, take one of these machine guns."

Hearing these words, Arnie's head snaps up. In an instant, he whips off his shorts (again) to reveal his action speedo. "To arms!" he cries, leaping into the de-footed boot. You hear a muffled "garrumph" from inside the boot and then, "My word! There is a lot of toe jam in here!"

"I call it Sir Toe of Jamelot," explains Spruceteen.

"I call it The Enemy!" Arnie's voice bellows from the boot.

Just then you hear another voice from the boot: "We meet again, Arnie, you eluded me in the trash crack, but not this time!"

"The toe jam is talking to me!" You hear Arnie say.

Do you:
  1. Thrust your arm up to the elbow into that scary boot, try to pull Arnie out.
  2. Throw the whole kit and kaboodle at the the door.
  3. Ask Spruceteen if he knows anything about Sir Toe of Jamelot.
by Christian Schmit