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You're not sure what to do, cause, I don't know, this is weird. You feel bad for poor ol Spruceteen, sorta embarrassed and a little cheesed-off cause, hey, doesn't anybody believe in professionalism in the workplace anymore?? You can't even think about this right now cause you're gettin too upset. These two reprobates have pushed your buttons so you decide to give them the cold shoulder, hoping that will teach them to take their workplace & duties as representatives of the prestigious C.A.T.S. organization more seriously.

So you start whistling a little ditty and thinking about how bad you need a vacation (and how bad you miss the sunshine!) as you plop down on the floor and begin rumpling up the tube sock to put it on your foot. As you bend your knee and bring your foot up to your hands, you notice that your toes aren't as naked as the rest of you...
  1. Look closer to see what that neato mood-ring is telling you.
  2. What is that piece of paper sticking to the bottom of your foot?
  3. Further inspect that harmless-looking, exquisitely-rendered tattoo.
by Daniel Martin Moore