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Jelly beans! So many jelly beans! You cram them all in your mouth until a rainbow of drool snakes down your chin. This is heaven.

CRRRACKKK! You're rudely shaken from your dream and find yourself on the floor curled into an odd shape and sucking on your toes. Saddened to have left fantasyland, you notice that your mood ring has turned two shades of blue. What was that awful sound?

You sit up to find Spruceteen brandishing his belt like a deadly weapon. At first glance, the massive belt buckle looks like a typical example of hideous trading post tourist crap adorned with silver and "precious" stones, but then you look closer. The buckle is rimmed with scalpel-sharp obsidian pieces, and doesn't that centerpiece looks vaguely familiar? In any case, Spruceteen is about to exact lethal revenge upon his cheating wife and her terrified lover.
  1. Attempt to wrest the belt from Spruceteen's grasp.
  2. Break out your trusty chewing leaves in an attempt to make peace.
  3. Offer everyone a taste of your toes in an attempt to make peace.
by Tom Sebring