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Wishing to diffuse this awkward situation you ask (with jelly beans still all over your teeth) "Anyone fancy a lick a toe jam?" Waves crash against the ship.
As you attempt to make peace by offering everyone a taste of your toes, waves crash against the ship,~ the ship rocks, causing your raised foot to be struck by the swinging belt buckle! One of the razor sharp "precious" stones strikes the mood ring on your toe causing a spark, as another of the stones cuts your foot right across your flower tattoo causing some drops of blood to spray. One of these drops is struck by the spark which sends it into the eye symbol on Spruceteen's belt buckle.

The pupil on the symbol opens as a huge funnel of smoke comes billowing out!
Arnie is starting to eat the black toe jam creature that he is wrestling with.
Lady Tendersocks is horrified that she is discovered, while her fornicating co-worker starts to shake when he sees within the smoke a giant eyeball.
  1. The smoke acquires the shape of infinite eyeballs! "Holy Smoke!" You choke, jelly beans spraying everywhere, "Have we accidentally summoned the God of The King of Kings?"
  2. "It's a Ker-Blarnin' Smoke Demon here ta punish you, you adulteratin' hussy!" Splutters Spruceteen, "An eye for an eye Lady Tendersocks! I reckon this is a magick that cain't be stopped!"
  3. The eyes in the smoke turn their gaze upon Arnie, who is still wrestling on the floor with the black toe jam creature!
by Jeff Stout