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All of the 'smokey eyes' bat their long lashes at Arnie, and emit a noise somewhere between a purr and a moan of pleasure. One by one, the proliferation of pupils shut into smoke billowing like marabou feather trim. All at once they flutter open, but instead of eyes, there stands an imposing, curvaceous figure. Her platinum tresses are curled and piled up around her face. She is in full glitz. She wears a transparent, clingy gown, with her naughty bits encrusted with swarovski crystals and-- "Pearl!" exclaims Arnie, whose hard, shiny, muscular body is spattered with bits of black jam.

"I certainly know how to make an entrance," Pearl smiles, gesturing to the room around her. "That's what we're all about here at the Center for Amateur Talent Services." At which point you hear her say:
  1. "The hidden talent we help each client discover is the art of gender illusion. You see, I and all my associates are quite a murder of the world's most enchanting drag queens!"
  2. "When I'm good, I'm very good. But when I'm bad, I'm better," in a shockingly convincing Mae West impression.
  3. "Oh, Arnie. My favorite sex doll has 'come' back to me!" Than at the startled couple on the desk, "Move over and make some room for us!" C.A.T.S. might consider expanding into the orgy business.