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The twin Spruceteen’s are so befuddled that they comply with your instructions to cluck. As the minutes go by the room begins to clear. Infinity Dude, Lady Tendersocks and her lover, even Pearl steps out to escape the clucking. After a long 10 minutes one of the Spruceteen’s gives the safe a swift kick with his “machine gun”. The door slowly opens revealing a safe devoid of anything but a smallglowing turtle.

The turtle speaks. “ONE RECORDED MESSAGE: Hey Gar it’s Jeff. You’re probably wondering where your share of the loot is. Well, I used it to pay off some parking tickets. To make amends I've left you this D6 of Destiny I picked up from a dungeon crawl. No hard feelin’s roomie!”

The turtle walks into the palm of your hand and in a burst of flame becomes a six-sided die. You feel compelled to roll...
  1. (Roll 1-2) In a bright flash the die transforms into a crystal butter knife. It seems to be absorbing the light around it.
  2. (Roll 3-4) Everything is enveloped in darkness. You feel the bubbly sensation of floating in a hot tub.
  3. (Roll 5–6) The die has transformed into what is unmistakably a bottle of whiskey. It’s sealed up with a fairly large cork.
by Jacob Grant