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The safe is empty, the money is gone, the turtle is transformed into a six-sided die, the six-sided die is transformed into a bottle of whiskey. The inevitable happens, the bottle is opened and you share it between each other until it’s empty.

Quite drunk, you reach into your pocket to grab some chewing leaves and wash out that lingering taste of the hard liquor in your mouth, but, instead, you grab the X-ray gunk and start chewing it like it’s chocolate fudge.

You see double, triple, quadruple, and suddenly, after a minor explosion in your temple, you have an X-ray vision. You look at your companions and realize: you can see right through them.
  1. You turn to the Rolling Head: "You have a key hidden behind your molar, spit it out."
  2. You turn to the Spruceteens: “One of you is fake, annihilate yourself.”
  3. You turn to the invisible person standing above the doorway: “Show yourself, motherfucker.”
by Dunja Jankovic