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"Hey, you there, above the doorway, you invisible scumbag, show yourself!" A bit surprised at what a spitfire you've become in your drunkenness, you nevertheless adopt a fearsome stance, aim an angry-but-wasted glare at the occupied space over the door, and spittoon the remainder of the X-ray gunk into your inventory. Though it leaves behind a dry and bitter aftertaste, once the gunk is gone your spontaneous superpower begins quickly to diminish (replaced by a killer ache rising in your spinning head). Bits and pieces of the motherfucker are starting to come into murky focus as it (she??) complies with your rude-ass demand, twisting out of the awkward position on its perch.....and lunges directly for your throat!
  1. Drop to the floor as quick as your dulled reactions will let you and scramble for the door.
  2. "Infinity Dude? Are you still out there?? I know we haven't really been properly introduced, but I'm wondering if you could give me a hand?..."
  3. Let her have your esophagus or life-force or whatever she's after, you're so so tired.
by Beth Graves