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With the poison racing through your body, your joints begin to tighten, and your skin turns a tawny yellow, then pistachio green, then medium gray. Your friend, the Rolling Head bounds into action, exposing his black hole to quick-suck the toxins from your skull, which kinda works, but also draws out a lot of blood and sends the lumpy snake flying at his head. At the same time, the ship continues to collapse, water is bursting through the floor in geysers and passengers are screaming from their mouths in fright. Now you are feeling dizzy, rocking back and forth with the waves, the floor tilts sharply and the ship seems to disappear as you topple toward the ocean.
  1. "Falling, yes I am falling."
  2. WWJD?
  3. H-E-double-L spells aww crap.