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As you plummet from the cruise liner, the eternal question pops into your head, "WWJD?" Yes, but who is this "J"? Jacques would probably just look adorable and say something in French; you can't speak French. Then there is Jeff, but he's just a fucked up evil wizard who was last seen heading to Pregnancy Island. Krr-splash! You slam into the cool ocean, salt water rushes up your nose and down your throat. Everything is a wet blur, but somehow you paddle to land, which turns out to be extremely close by.

As you lie on the beach and catch your breath, you look back out to see that that awful snake is locked in a mortal struggle with the Rolling Head's forehead. The black hole is sucking the serpent up like a violently writhing retractable cord, and just as it has nearly disappeared past the event horizon, the forceful tip of the tail makes a final stand. It curls around the Rolling Head, gripping with all of its constrictive might and snuggles into place, effectively plugging the gash in spacetime. Sooner than later, they wash up next you as well.
  1. Lay your inventory out on the beach to dry.
  2. Attempt to pull the snake out of the Rolling Head's hole.
  3. Ask the Rolling Head what he wants to do.