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Your whole inventory is wet, you carefully pull out each item and lay it on the beach to dry: one chewed piece of X-ray gunk; one framed photo of Mar-Mar Non, the Rolling Head's mom; one pair of scissors that'll probably never come in handy; two mirrors, counting the both of them; five chewing leaves; zero chunks or piles of sulphur, saltpeter, charcoal, or gunpowder, they must've dissolved in the water; one microphone with a dragon-bone handle that is possessed by a pregnant smoke demon who you made some sort of quest-promise to; and finally, one map of the Inner Dungeon Islands.
  1. Take a closer look at your map.
  2. Pick up the mic and chat with the Smoke Demon.
  3. Take apart the framed photo of Mar-Mar Non so that it might dry better.