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Not even knowing why, you blink-tell the thing that it was a couple of suicides, but before he can respond to the lie you break down and pour your heart out through your eyes, "It's been tough ever since I woke up in this dungeon, never knowing what is coming next. First I lost my whole body, then my ear got bit off, I haven't worn clothes in weeks (depending on wherever we are in the past or future), my hand is mangled, and now I'm entirely paralyzed except for my eyes." The thing seems to be listening and nods from time to time, you continue, "I think I just said that because . . . actually . . . I myself just don't want to live anymore. Can you help me end it all?" It nods again and squaks, "Yesssss. Weeeee haaaaave sooooome eeeeequiiiiipmennnnnt baaaaack aaaaat thhhhhe HHHHHQ." Damn this thing is exhausting to listen to--not exactly helping your will to live. "IIIII caaaaan taaaake yooooou thhhhhere." You tell him . . .
  1. "Thanks, that would be great. Please, can my friends come too, to be by my side as I pass?"
  2. "Cool, just one last thing, I would at least like to know what is up with that Smoke Demon's egg, which is now changing colors."
  3. "No need for all that. Just do me in right here with that saw blade that fell out of Jacques' pants."