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You were hoping not to get into it, but seeing the Rolling Head's agitation you decide to say (wink) something to the thing, "That's a pretty sweet mannikin body, did you get it at the factory on the Isle of Wizard Injustice?" The lights in the goggles sweep back and forth, and all but ignoring the question, the hunchbacked thing turns around and opens the door to HQ. Now, hell-bent, the Rolling Head wobbles quietly nearer and directs the serpent's tail to slip up under the thing's cape. Perhaps you're jumping to conclusions but that tattoo of the alchemical symbol for saltpeter looks majorly similar to the one that was on the Rolling Head's lost body.
  1. Guide the Rolling Head to take a deep breath.
  2. Encourage the Rolling head to jump to more conclusions.
  3. Signal the Rolling Head to slide the G-blade out of your inventory.