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It is just killing you to know what this stone bust of your former body is doing here, and so, in your eye-twitching way you put the question out there. The thing, obviously frustrated by your question, walks over to the bust and plops its blocky hand down onto the sculpture, massaging the stoney shoulders and face as it speaks, "Iiiiit's jusssst sooooome ollllld annnnnybodddddy." Supposedly some
of the assembly members found it in the ground when they were digging a torture-hole. The thing picks up the bust, lifting it higher and higher above its head, "Weeeee jussssst keeeeep ittttt arooooound tooooo ssssset onnnnn stuuuuuff thaaaaat weeeee donnnnn't waaaaan't tooooo gettttt aaaaaway." Finally, with a touch of impatience, it asks if you have any last requests.
  1. "Assure me that my death will somehow save the world."
  2. "Could you tell me if we've met before?"
  3. "Please, not in the face."