As the stone bust crushes into your skull, your mind gets tangled and tied up trying to make sense of everything. First of all, damn Chestnut Marvelington, he's not even a rolling head. Then it your crosses your mind just how lousy you are at finishing things, presently you can't think of even a single completed quest. But finally, your thoughts drift into the hopeless mantra "Deus ex machina deus
ex machina deus ex machina . . . " and with everybody otherwise distracted, the snake's tail, scissors still in its grip, imprudently takes the opportunity to gain its freedom from the Rolling Head by cutting itself in half. Now unhindered, the black hole sucks in both halves of the snake, followed by you, Chestnut Marvelington, the HQ, Pregnancy Island, all the living and dead passengers of the cruise ship, the wizards and their unjust island, any stray weather fronts, Gar-Gar Non, his apartment, little Arnie, the underground river, the car, and every last brick of the dungeon.