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Although thoroughly disgusted, you offer your hand and heart in a pledge to help this child-bearing demon. She tells you a convoluted tale about how many years ago she was taking a trip to Pregnancy Island to get a medical examination. Along the way she got tired, as the trip was quite far, and she laid down for a brief nap in a field of cannabis. Next thing she knew she was trapped inside of Gar-Gar Non's Ouija board box who-knows-how-far-away from Pregnancy Island.
  1. Tell Gar-Gar Non to shut his mouth hole.
  2. Offer to go upstairs and rummage through Gar-Gar Non's office for a some sort of a map or phone book.
  3. On second thought, perhaps Gar-Gar Non has point. Besides, you should probably finish the quest that you've already got underway.