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Trying to add some levity to the situation, you chuckle to yourself as you get the malleable wiener sculpture out of your inventory pouch and lean down to set it on the mannikin's nether regions. As the two surfaces near each other, the sculpture is pulled out of your hand like metal drawn to a strong magnet. It snaps onto the torso and begins to change shape, eventually dividing into four parts which move to the mannikin's stumps and morph into rudimentary arms and legs. The whole headless creature comes to life, flailing its new limbs as it struggles to stand up.
  1. Whoa...this is terrifying. Go hide in Gar-Gar Non's bedroom closet and get out your golden weapon in case you need to defend yourself.
  2. Whoa...this is terrifying. Run back down the hallway and try to hide in Gar-Gar Non's den.
  3. Whoa...this is fascinating. Sit down on Gar-Gar Non's bed and watch to see what this thing does.

by Matt Coors