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Mesmerized, you take a few steps backward and sit down on the bed to watch as the mannikin beast finally achieves an awkward standing position. It uses its primitive hand-claws to search its neck-stump for a moment, then starts to rummage blindly around the room, in what you assume is a slow, uncoordinated attempt to find some kind of head. Luckily it moves away from you and toward the closet, so your own head is safe for the moment. Wow; that was so engrossing that you didn't notice until now how comfortable Gar-Gar Non's bed is.
  1. Look closely at the embroidery on the fancy throw pillow.
  2. Pull back the comforter to see if Gar-Gar Non uses patterned sheets.
  3. Check to see if there's anything between the mattress and box-spring.

by Matt Coors