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Wondering if Gar-Gar Non is hiding anything else in here, you decide to check between the mattress and box-spring. That is, after all, the oldest hiding spot in the book. As you lift the corner of the mattress, however, you realize that what's under it isn't really a box-spring at all…it's a box-like platform with hinged doors on it, each of which has a big metal ring instead of a knob. You pull the mattress all the way off and move it aside to have a better look. The symbols on the doors match some of the symbols you saw on that crazy mannikin-creature, which is currently across the room fumbling to open the closet.
  1. Open the door that has the crescent symbol on it.
  2. Open the door that has the sideways-figure-eight-with-the-cross-shaped-thing on it.
  3. Open the door that has the squiggly lines that look like waves on it.

by Matt Coors