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You ask the non-rolling head what's up with the disguise and he launches into a typically rambling explanation:

"A rolling head sees many things. Dad's old college roommate Jeff is an evil wizard masquerading as a doula on Pregnancy Island. One time Jeff tricked Dad with magic and swiped Dad's '67 vintage passionfruit mouth rinse. Jeff blamed it on thieving squirrel-bots and Dad bought the story, but I knew better then and I know better now. Jeff knows I know and..."

Blah, blah, blah. Your mind starts to wander and all of the sudden you wonder aloud, "Hey, what happened to that tramp stamp symbol?" The non-rolling head replies:
  1. Quickly follow the non-rolling head to the boat.
  2. Try to get a better view of this so-called "cavern storm."
  3. Flee back through the tunnel to the steam vents where it's warm and comfy.
by Tom Sebring