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You quickly figure out that the source of the incantations is, perhaps unsurprisingly, the smoke demon speaking from inside the dragon bone microphone. Phew! It's still safely tucked away in your inventory pouch by your hip. The smoke demon proceeds to tell quite a tale. She claims she's responsible for your dramatic rescue from the cavern storm and, in fact, she knows this particular cavern storm quite well. It seems it's a "he" and he's some kind of detritus demon. His full name is Ace Cavernstorme and apparently he's an old flame from many millenia ago. The smoke demon even suggests that Ace might be the father of her unborn children and she's eager to reignite the passion they once shared. It's a touching story, really. But whatever, you're still convinced you have superpowers. Moments later you plow into a cliff face and plummet to the ground.
  1. Lie on your back and make a sand angel to comfort yourself.
  2. Pull yourself together, get up and try to figure out where you are.
  3. Stop being so damn insensitive to the feelings of pregnant smoke demon ladies.
by Tom Sebring